Fitra Foundation, in conjunction with the department of Quranic Studies at Sayyida Nafisa Seminary, presents the first installment of the “This is our Tradition” series, entitled, “The True Recitation”.  

In these lessons, we’ll feature the exegesis of 40 verses of the Quran that shape the fundamental spiritual attitudes with which we are to approach the Divine Speech.

1.1 Introduction

Fitra Foundation present this first installment of the “This is our Tradition” series, entitled “The True Recitation” inspired by Allah’s Words —

“Those to whom We have given the Scripture, who observe its recitation as is due to it, they are the ones who truly believe in it. Those who deny its truth are the losers.” Qur’ān 2:121

1.2 Style

The great scholars of the past began their works with a signature introductory style. In this way, they initiated their works with eloquence, as if to say — this Islamic tradition is marked by beauty, so those who wish to learn it or impart it, let them clothe it in beauty, for God is beautiful and all beautiful things does He love.

1.3 Methodology

Sacred knowledge is not an art but a discipline. While style is a sign of grace, methodology is the sign of soundness. The Islamic tradition is characterized by intellectual hierarchy and structure. This is the realm of usūl, and it is the distinguishing feature of enduring scholarship.